Our temperature in the winter is not as cold as you might think. F.e. our January is hotter then in Zurich (Switzerland). The normal temperature is between -5 C° and 5 C°. 

Due to cold winds the vehicle can get really cold on the outside. The biggest issue is therefore the possibility of the waste water tank freezing and clocking the pipes. We recommend leaving the grey water tank open just enough do allow the water to escape. The fresh water tank is inside the vehicle and therefore we do rent the vehicles with an operating water supply. If you park the vehicle for several hours or even days we recommend disposing the water. You can find small release buttons next to the water tank to do so. 

Check out this article if you want to learn about How to drain the fresh water tank 

We rent out portable water tanks in case it gets really cold and we recommend to use the shower in the local swimming pools. 

Iceland has the cleanest swimming pools. The previous gender separated shower results in very hygienic surroundings. A swimming pool is not a swimming pool unless it has a “hot pot”. The water is hot and we Icelanders relax in it and talk about the daily news. 

If you are wondering about the equipment Camper Iceland offers to keep you warm and comfortable:

Our vehicles are rented with spikes during the legal period (15th of October until 15th of April). 

All our vehicles are equipped with a gas (LP) driven heating system. 

All our freedom campers are equipped with a WEBASTO heating system (extra battery, uses gasoline from the tank). 

All our vehicles are equipped with real pillows and covers

For more questions, feel free to contact us.