Application for a residence permit as an au pair must be submitted at the Directorate of Immigration along with applicable supporting documents. Further information on application procedure can be found here.

The applicant will be residing at the residence of the receiving family. The applicant has to have reached the age of 18 at the time of application and has to be under the age of 25. Further information on basic requirements for a residence permit can be found here, and the specific requirements for this type of permit here. Note that the applicant is not allowed to work in the general labour market and that the au pair permit is issued for a maximum of one year and is not renewable.

Application must be submitted before the applicant arrives in Iceland.  If the applicant comes to Iceland as a tourist before the application is approved, processing of the application will be halted and a permit will not be issued.  If the applicant is in Iceland, but wants to be granted a residence permit, he/she must leave the country.

If a residence permit is granted, the applicant can travel to Iceland.  The procedures from the time a permit is granted until a residence permit card is issued are explained here.
If a residence permit is not granted, information on appeal procedure is explained here.

Useful information:

General information on residence permits

Basic requirements for residence permits

Detailed requirements for residence permits

Information on application process and processing time

Processing fee, an application will not be processed until the fee has been paid.

Rights associated with residence permits


Documents to be submitted:

  1. Checklist for basic requirements and checklist for specific requirements. Print both checklists and check them when gathering documents. Please include the completed lists with the application.
  2. Receipt for payment of handling fee (if the fee has been paid by bank transfer). The receipt must state clearly the name and birthdate of the applicant.
  3. Application for a residence permit, form must be original, completed and signed by the applicant.
  4. Written au-pair contract between the applicant and the receiving family, original, see here.
  5. Passport size photo (35mm x 45mm)
  6. Copy of passport (does not need to be confirmed). The validity of the passport must be at least three months beyond the validity of the residence permit. The copy should be of the main page and the page with the applicant’s signature.
  7. Confirmed original of a foreign criminal record certificate. The criminal record certificate shall not be older than six months. Criminal record certificates shall be submitted from all the states where the applicant has resided for the past five years. Note the requirement of the certification of the criminal record certification, i.e. apostille certification or double authentication, see here.
  8. Housing certificate, unless the receiving family owns the property.
  9. Medical insurance. Applicants must submit a confirmation of insurance that is valid for at least six months, minimum coverage ISK 2,000,000, from an insurance company that is licensed to operate in Iceland, see here.
  10. Support. The receiving family must show sufficient support, see here.

Further documentation that may be submitted:

  • Power of attorney, original, witnessed by two adult witnesses. Note. A power of attorney needs not be submitted unless the applicant wants someone other than him/her to receive information about the processing of the application by the Directorate.

It is the applicant‘s responsibility to submit the documents on the checklist. If all the required documents are not submitted with the application, this could result in delays in processing the application or in a denial. The Directorate of Immigration may request additional documents in some cases.