B. Safety/drain valve

(Safety/drain valve without frost protection /

standard in UK version)

The safety/drain valve automatically equalises the pressure in

the event of overpressure in the system. When this occurs,

the water is drained to the outside in intermittent bursts via a

drainage socket.

This safety/drain valve does not protect the water container

from frost damage.

Figure 4

a = Lever in position “Operational – closed”

b = Lever in position “Operational – closed”

c = Lever in position “Drain”

d = Drainage socket (led outside through floor of vehicle)

Opening the safety/drain valve

– Move lever to position (c) – vertical. The water from the

boiler drains through the drainage socket (d).

The drainage socket (d) of the safety/drain valve must be free

of contamination (slush, ice, leaves, etc.) at all times so the

water can drain out easily! No claims may be made under

the warranty for damage caused by frost!

Closing the safety/drain valve

– Move lever to position (a) or (b) – horizontal.