US cars are a lot of fun. However they come with certain differences to european cars. Here are the most common issues europeans have with us cars:


Check if the odometer is in miles or kilometers. Especially when calculating the fuel consumption. 


US vehicles almost without exception have a "dimmer" for the dash board lights. When going further then max. brightness the interior light will come on. When exiting the vehicle the car will sound an alarm (buzzer). Make sure to turn the light of if you don't need it otherwise it will drain the battery. 


All trucks have cargo lights. The cargo light is normally used if no truck camper is installed and you are working on the back of the truck and in the dark. On some models the "dimmer" can be set to illuminate the cargo and some models have a separate switch next to the light switch. Make sure you turn the cargo light off because it will drain the starter battery. 


We experience a lot of european customers that have never driven an automatic before. Not to worry, during the instruction we do provide information on how to drive an automatic. If it makes yo more comfortable our instructor will go for a test drive with you.