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Short Version

It's a device that changes 12V into 220V. Check your gear and how much Watt (not Volt) it needs. If it needs less then 300W it will work. The inverter should only be used with the engine running. It uses a lot of electricity and will otherwise drain your battery. Please be advised that there is only one plug on the inverter and you should not plug more then one thing at a time into it. If you need more power feel free to go to a camping site. 

Long version

300W Inverter

• 300W continuous output to power a range of household appliances
• Modified sinewave output
• 240VAC mains socket to power a product without additional converters
• 12VDC input power that can be achieved through either the car accessory socket or with the included alligator clips.

Special Feature
• Shutdown protection against power overload

What is an inverter?
An inverter is a converter that connects to a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery that is usually connected to a car, a truck or a solar panel. The inverter can connect to the battery either through a car accessory plug or by clipping directly to the battery. A mains powered device can then be plugged directly into the inverter’s AC socket. Inverters vary in capacity and can power devices of up to a specific wattage. Inverters can be split into two categories: pure sinewave and modified sinewave. 

What is so special about an inverter?
This inverter can connect to the car battery through the car accessory socket  while being positioned out of the way with its compact design. The inverter can power a device up to 300W such as a laptop or a phone charger or a portable games console. It is highly efficient, converting 90% of its energy into output power. 

What is the difference between pure sine-wave and modified sine-wave?
All household mains sockets output a sine-wave along the cable to transfer power from the source, such as the battery or plug to the product that is plugged in. This product is a modified sine-wave inverter which produces a stepped approximation of a pure sine-wave inverter which makes it easier to produce. A modified sine-wave inverter can power devices such as laptops, printers and chargers, although some items may pick up interference from the inverter. A solution for this is to buy a pure sine-wave inverter, such as these. A pure sine-wave inverter is used to power sensitive electronic devices such as power motors, power tools, clocks or microwaves.