Usage of the hob
  1. Open the gas-bottle valve (near gas bottle)
  2. Open the cooker shut-off valve (normally in a kitchen cabinet)
  3. Turn the control knob of the relevant burner from the off-position (0-mark), to maximum. (High flame).
  4. Push the knob in and hold it in this position.
  5. Ignite the burner with a match or other suitable ignition device.
  6. If the burner ignites the knob can be released after approximately 3-10 seconds.
  7. The knob may now be set to the required burner position.

The entire ignition process should be clearly visible from above and not obstructed by cooking utensils.

Switching off the Appliance

  1. Turn the control knob to the off-position, (0-mark) to extinguish the burner.
  2. Close the cooker shut-off valve.
  3. Close the bottle valve during longer periods of non-operation.

European standards

As required by law, Camper Iceland only features CE certified equipment on board. US components such as the hob/stove or heater/furnace are factory replaced. It's difficult to understand why Camper Iceland needs to have properly working US appliances removed. However it's the law and it does come with a range of safety feature. 

Why CE certified:

The European Union requires CE certified GAS (LP) equipment in all it's area. The difference is mainly safety. No equipment is installed just with hoses, it must be installed with copper tubing. Only the connection between the GAS (LP) bottle and the system is a hose (specially for GAS). There is even more safety that comes with CE. All equipment must shut down if the GAS is not burning. F.e. a burning hob would become an instant problem if the wind would blow out the flame. Without this safety feature the GAS would continue to leak. In other words you could say that CE certified GAS equipment should not be able to leak into the vehicle. Special exit holes (valves) at the bottom of the vehicle are factory installed to secure the passengers in the unlikely event that GAS would still leak into the vehicle. 

What's the main difference between US and EU appliances?

The Safety ignition system is the answer. The european models all shut down if the GAS would not burn, safety first.