Camper Iceland is yet the only provider of this very fine group but what is the difference between a luxury camper and the “normal one”? 

The Luxury camper is much larger and based on the Dodge Ram 2500  or Ford F350. 

The engine consumes less or similar to the normal 4×4 camper but is much stronger (Diesel). 

The same engine is used in 25 ton Komatsu loaders. The vehicle itself is leather equipped and has many gadgets – each one is unique.

The camper is much larger as well. It is built for 4 adults but the lower bed is  ca. 180 cm. Inside the camper you will find a toilet and a warm water boiler.

The mandatory Camping Kit includes: 

- bedlinen, blanket, pillow and towels for each passenger; 

- a full kitchen ware (cutlery, dishes, cups, pot, pan, bowls, etc cleaning material, etc) and 1x gas bottle.

The vehicle is very heavy so it should be driven even slower than the normal 4×4 camper. 

Therefore the luxury camper is not only suitable for the highland but combines the high standard of a Fiat Ducato and the roughness of a 4×4 vehicle. 

Please note that a cat. C1 or more is needed to drive this vehicle (5.000T).

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