Welcome to the home page of the website http://en.vedur.is/.

What is Vedur.is? 

Vedur.is is the weather website for Iceland, it is highly detailed and it is very important that you check this website everyday before you drive.

This is very important for your trip, as its not just you who plans your trip. It is also the weather that plans your trip.

How can the weather effect my trip? 

Iceland is an extreme country that is sitting in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean. Strong winds come in from the Atlantic ocean sometimes, depending on how strong these winds are will effect where and when you can drive. The wind can become unsafe for you to drive a vehicle, especially a tall vehicle such as a camper. The wind can become so strong that it can blow your camper over when driving.

How can i avoid this happening to me on my trip around Iceland?

Lets start by learning how to read the Vedur.is website.

This is the Vedur home page, make sure to select English.

Now lets check the wind.

Below is the next page that shows the wind map of Iceland, here the wind can be tracked 2 and a half days in advance. 

So because we can see what is happening in the future, we can plan our journeys according to the wind.

In the photo below it shows a very nice day in Iceland regarding wind, see the photo below to understand safe driving conditions. 

So now that we know what a good driving day looks like, lets now see what a very bad day for driving looks like.

The photo below shows a day in Iceland where a storm is passing through Iceland from the Atlantic ocean.

This is why you need to check the weather and plan your trip according to the weather.

For example, if you where in the south of Iceland during this time you should never attempt to drive in this weather.

Driving in the south of Iceland in conditions like this is dangerous and irresponsible of any driver.

Below is a story from Iceland Magazine about travelers who drove irresponsibly.

So what should i do in this situation?

There are many ways to handle this situation, but lets start with the best way possible by "Avoiding the wind a day in advance".

The photo below shows the scroll option on the website http://en.vedur.is/.

See as we scroll from Thursday to Friday, you can see how the wind moves over this time. 

So this makes it possible to see if there is a storm coming two days in advance, this is enough time to plan where you want to situate yourself. 

So the best way to handle the being in a storm is to avoid it in advance. 


But what if the wind is unavoidable? What can i do when i find myself in a windy situation?

Aim for a town and take cover behind the buildings if the wind is very strong, let the building take the force of the wind.

This is the best thing you can do when you are stuck in a windy situation.